Words Matter!

March 31, 2020


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I know you use predominantly kind words, so this is not about using compassion when we speak, though I agree that is important. My post is about four ways that words matter when we are mediating the world to our child. Reuven Feuerstein used "mediated learning experience" to describe high quality interactions between parents and children or teacher and students or between friends. Because speech is our dominant method of mediation, let's consider that WHAT we say matters, HOW we say it matters, WHEN we say it matters, and HOW MUCH we say all matters. WHAT we say is about our choice of words. When mediating we ask more questions and listen to our child's answer. HOW we say it concerns our tone of voice and our volume. Sometimes we are too loud or too soft or have innuendos in our tone that children cannot catch. WHEN is about timing and speed. Consider the best time to mediate or have a conversation. Also consider slowing your speech down if you have a child who is young or needs more time to process language. HOW MUCH we say can influence comprehension. Don't use overkill when mediating. When you ask a good question, let it rest in the air and you will soon discover if your child "caught it". I can promise you that they will gain more intellectual growth if life is mediated with these parameters in mind. See this attachment for more insight into Feuerstein's MLE, mediated learning experience.
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