Powerful Podcast 11: Dr. Jeanne Zehr (Growth Mindset)

April 6, 2020


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Dr. Zehr is the Executive Director of the MINDCAP Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She and her team of 10 professionals serve children and adults who have a multitude of cognitive challenges such as ADHD, autism, brain injury, trauma, as well as gifted underachievers.

The MINDCAP team has been trained in all levels of the Feuerstein program, LPAD, growth mindset, and neuroplasticity. Dr. Zehr is an international senior trainer for the Feuerstein Institute in Israel and has trained in 10 countries including South Africa, Netherland, Australia, Denmark, Italy, France, South Korea, and Cambodia.

In this podcast, she speaks to Dr Wahl of the Institute for the Advancement of Cognitive Education about the "Growth Mindset" and how it can enhance better thinking and learning.

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