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December 29, 2018


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Jeanne Calment, a woman in France, lived to be a 122 years old. Born in 1875, this picture was taken in 1895. Maybe because we share the same first name (my mother liked the French spelling and I do have French heritage) I have been intrigued with this woman. She lived an adventuresome life (hm...some similarities there) and smoked everyday (nope, I do not smoke). But best of all, when she was 118, they did a monthly check-up of her physical and neurological condition. Over the six month period her cognitive tests actually improved! Now that rocks! Do I need say more monsieurs and mademoiselles to prove to you it is NEVER too late to brighten up your brain? Neuroplasticity is the science of the brain's ability to keep growing new connections at any age despite any damage or perhaps some bad habits. Feed it well, sleep well, hydrate it well, and also come to MINDCAP! We will help you with the novelty and challenge required to grow new dendritic networks! Call us at 260-261-4650 to reserve a spot on Monday evenings or Fridays over lunch, beginning in February. Cost is $40 a session.

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