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April 26, 2021


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Anne Ricard Merritt has always loved children and books. She and her husband have three daughters who have taught them some of life's most important lessons. The Merritts have lived in Ohio, Alaska and Indiana. Sharing love and learning is what Anne likes best.

Anne is a certified Feuerstein Mediator and works at The MINDCAP Center as well as at Children's Village in the preschool classrooms. She helps students learn thinking skills and improve their cognitive abilities and mentors teachers to use Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment programs with their students.

Anne enjoys creating felt characters such as the children featured in her books "Love Like Water" and "A Birthday Full of Feelings." She has also collaborated with photographer Rachel Bell for her third book, "Peekaboo! How Are You?" These books invite little ones to explore the world of emotions.

Anne's fourth book for children, "Birth Mom, Foster Mom, Mommy and Me," is the story of Baby Ben. His journey begins at the hospital, and ends at home with his forever family. Caring adults surround him every step of the way, showing no matter where he is, he is loved.

Also available: "WHAT A YEAR," a journal to help us process the many experiences in 2020. Once completed, this journal will be a keepsake to share with future generations.

Recently released: "Zippo the Hippo: A Book About Looking Different." Zippo stands out because he looks unique. He encourages readers to celebrate their uniqueness, too!

Anne's recent book, "No Nuts for Me! A Book About Nut Allergies" is now available. Nick shares his story with young readers to empower them and give the words they need to stay safe, introducing vocabulary and concepts that every child with life-threatening allergies needs to know. Parents and teachers will find this book helpful in educating others about nut allergies.

Introducing a special series: "Ten Other Things About Me." The first book in this series features Daelin and his wheelchair. Daelin states that yes, he uses a wheelchair, but that is not the most important thing about him! He shares 10 other things he wants readers to know about him, such as favorite food, favorite color, best friend and things he likes to do. The end of the book gives readers 5 facts from Daelin about wheelchairs that he thinks kids should know. The felt illustrations and simple text make this a wonderful book for preschoolers and their parents and teachers. Available soon: book two in this series featuring Kyah and her leg braces. Kyah shares 10 of her her favorite things and explains 5 things kids should know about leg braces and the people who use them. Book three is in the making and will feature Ahny and her Down Syndrome. Adorable Ahny's best friend is her sister, and they both like homemade french fries with ketchup. Your preschoolers will enjoy meeting these special kids and will relate to them in the important things in life, which are not always the first thing you notice.

Celebrate diversity with Anne's books featuring characters with different skin tones and special needs. All are great additions to your personal library, preschool classroom and also make great gifts for the little ones you know and love.

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