LPAD Training at MINDCAP!

March 17, 2022


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If you have a keen interest diagnosing learning challenges and also determining the next steps to help a learner succeed, then this course is for you. Not for the faint of heart, this training course with Dr. Lou Falik will hone your skill as a mediator. The Learning Propensity Assessment Device was the first tool designed by Reuven Feuerstein. You will develop tools and skills in observing not only the child's learning strengths but also YOUR skill with mediation to elicit change. This is dynamic assessment, not static, and there is a huge difference that bodes well for truly helping the challenged learner. We do not offer this training very often and seats are limited. Dates are August 29-Sept.2 and October 24-28 with theory lectures to be viewed prior to the start date. Registration information is at https://mind-cap.org/training

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