Loving My Comfort Zone,But...

March 26, 2020


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The picture you see is me, in Australia, in my comfort zone. I'm with my husband and the Luscombe family, who are good friends. We have a stunning view of Yarra Valley. It was an "Ahhhh..." kind of weekend! But then there are the trips I make to undeveloped countries and I often pick up intestinal bugs and stay in not so lovely settings and I need to adapt accordingly. I actually love those trips, too, even though I am certainly not in my comfort zone. It took a few years to learn how to travel internationally, many times alone, when Rick couldn't go with me. I was stretched, to say the least! To move out of my COFORT ZONE, I needed first to cautiously move through the FEAR ZONE. Then I could move into the LEARNING ZONE. Once I acquired new skills, I entered the GROWTH ZONE, which is where I reside now when I travel abroad. The dopamine and serotonin (motivation and happy) transmitters are flowing freely and I can hardly wait to see the sights and meet amazing people in other cultures. I hope you will download this handout, which we use all the time at MINDCAP. Image Description Here

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