Is Anxiety the New Normal?

January 20, 2021


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It seems that anxiety is now running rampant! Children are now diagnosed with anxiety at a much higher rate. The COVID pandemic has caused dire predictions for the future of our mental health. So what to do? I would never suggest that MINDCAP is the best or the only antidote to anxiety, but I can tell you it is a very positive and hopeful alternative. Because anxiety is triggered by the amygdala (a small but mighty part in the limbic system of your brain) and the amygdala is controlled by your prefrontal cortex (your executive functioning area), we can help! MINDCAP specializes in all those tasks managed by the prefrontal cortex - like emotional control, strategizing, planning, and organizing. Our secret weapon is the Feuerstein Program. OK, it's not a big secret, but it is amazing! We have seen many clients, yes even children, gain new control over anxious thoughts and even meltdowns. Perhaps the best part is this is not talk therapy (though that can be good, too), it's just that young children don't really know how to have a deep conversation about their anxiety. We don't go there, at all! We simply strengthen good cognitive functioning, which in turn, can help control anxious thoughts. Call us for a free consult to learn how we can help someone in your family!
All the Best,
Dr. Jeanne Zehr, Executive Director

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