Hire, Fire, or Fix?

June 10, 2018


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Talent and intelligence are closely related. Many in the cooperate world, 45% to be exact, think all of our talent and IQ is innate and fixed for our lifetime. This drives our obsession to find the next best talent assessment. Another 45% believe the opposite, that talent and IQ can be developed throughout a lifetime. Just believing that is one thing, but developing our intelligence is another thing altogether. Fortunately, an Israeli cognitive psychologist developed specific methods years ago to improve our ability to think critically. So this means there actually is a way to fix the problem manager or employee, instead of firing them and starting the hiring process all over. According to Gallup's research, it is very costly to keep rehiring, trying to find the perfect and RIGHT talent, when that person might be right under your nose. Contact us at Soaring Minds to discover targeted training for 28 specific thinking skills.

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