Feuerstein Launch Pad!

February 28, 2020


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The MINDCAP Center has a dedicated team to help clients mediate challenges in life, whether it be from a lack of focus, memory issues, or autism. You can increase your learning potential with a method developed by Reuven Feuerstein in Israel, following the holocaust. The Feuerstein Institute is now under the leadership of his son, Dr. Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein. If you attend the summer conference in July, in Rome, called Shoresh, you will meet Rafi, as well as many of the international trainers. It is an amazing experience to meet implementers from over 30 countries. Then there is MINDCAP - here in Fort Wayne, Indiana! We are excited to provide this amazing program to children and adults. We incorporate a growth mindset and also explain neuroplasticity. With these two additions we believe there is then an acceleration of results. The two booster rockets help with lift off!! When you call, we begin with a free consultation to demonstrate how the program works. I am a veteran educator with over 40 years experience in special education, gifted education, and school administration. Clients have come from all over the United States to receive our services. Call us at 260-271-4650!
Dr. Jeanne Zehr, Executive Director of The MINDCAP Center

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