Build A Brain Season Two Launches!

January 18, 2023


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Welcome to Season 2 - Mediation & Human Interaction
Build a Brain Podcast by Dr. Jeanne Zehr

The MINDCAP Center is proud to announce the second season of its original short-form podcast focused on Mediation, uncovering the benefits of high-quality human interaction. The Build a Brain Podcast combines the principles of the Feuerstein method for cognitive restoration and improvement with easy-to-use questions, prompts, and activities in order to help parents, mentors & child development facilitators produce lasting results for the clients in their care. The episodes on Build a Brain Podcast are 15-20 minutes long and are intended to provide listeners with insight on how to facilitate cognitive improvement for their children, students or clients. The show’s goal is to provide practical steps and exercises that can help listeners produce long-lasting results on their journey to cognitive restoration and improvement. The Build a Brain Podcast is a product of the MINDCAP Center in Fort Wayne Indiana, produced and supported by the Guru Guide to Podcasting.

Listen to the Trailer on Apple Podcasts:

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