Autism Conference at the Feuerstein Institute

October 20, 2019


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Around the globe, parents are seeking methods to help their child better experience and communicate with the world. Their child has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and may have a myriad of unique characteristics. The Feuerstein Institute is hosting their first Autism Conference in January, 2020, for three days of intense training in their world-renown method of mediated learning experience to impact cognition. Registration is at:
More information on their FB page: The Feuerstein Institute - official
Until now, most parents have used behavior modification, which can be very helpful in some scenarios, but then how do you improve cognition? The Feuerstein Method is the next logical and perfect step. If you have Feuerstein training already, it will be helpful, but not required. With this introduction you can then move onto certified training in the cognitive skills methods. I will be attending! I hope several of us from America can be there and learn!

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