A New Normal Needs New Thinking!

May 22, 2020


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With the pandemic easing, somewhat, and the world reopening, what will this new normal look like? It's a bit scary! And fear causes the brain to be easily hijacked (resulting in anxiety and stress). Also uncertainty, loss of relationships, and lack of control can cause a hijack. All states of mind that the pandemic has impacted. Going back "out there" may create a hijacked state for many people. I think MINDCAP has never been more needed, more necessary, or more grateful to be doing what we do! As children and adults learn how their brain works and how to develop executive functions, the person has less fear, less uncertainty, and more control. At least I can have more control of how I respond to all the uncertainty and "scarey stuff" in the world. MINDCAP is here, we are open, we are regularly disinfecting, and we are ready to help!

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