A Man on a Mission

March 5, 2021


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Over 20 years ago, as a public school educator, I discovered Reuven Feuerstein. Now we have the MINDCAP Center, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a team of 10 people trained in multiple levels of his far-reaching cognitive skills program. Whatever challenge you or a family member has, if it involves your thinking, we just might be able to help! Memory, focus, anxiety, learning, comprehension can all improve. We don't even ask for an official diagnosis! Just bring your concern and we provide a free consultation. This stunning portrait you see was created by Patrick Chesebrough, one of my Feuerstein trainees, who works in the mental health field and is obviously quite an artist! MINDCAP offers training in the Feuerstein method for educators, counselors and homeschool parents. Our next round of training is in June! Put on your thinking cap, and join us! Be a client! Be a trainee!

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