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Work Smarter.
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The neuroscience of effective and productive leadership through addressing focus, social situations, mindset and creativity.

Achieving Full Potential

MindCAP provides tailor-made workshops for the working professional that advances cognitive, emotional, and social skills to improve productivity and quality of outcomes.

Develop Skills & Abilities in the Following Areas:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Focus and Attention
  • Social Interaction
  • Logic and Reasoning
  • Organization
  • Memory
  • Goal-setting and Planning
  • Executive Function Skills
  • Creativity


Brain Boss. Managers in any organization may be unknowingly putting their people into a threat mode, causing the limbic system of the brain to hijack the frontal lobes, shutting down all reasoning processes. The human brain does not know the difference between a threat to survival and a common modern day challenge.

Learn how social situations can cause people to go into shut-down mode, curtailing change management and problem solving. How to recognize and resolve this dilemma successfully will be covered in detail, using five specific strategies from David Rock’s SCARF model.

Mindset Matters.  Individuals can shift their mindset about intelligence from fixed (that intelligence is not modifiable) to growth (that intelligence can be modified through hard work). As people shift their mindsets it allows for more effort and motivation to persist in the face of obstacles. Through introducing professionals to the research of Dr. Carol Dweck, learn how to help your employees shift from a fixed to a growth mindset. 1-2 hour workshop.

Creativity Connection. Tap into the ability to transcend traditional rules, patterns, or relationships and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations. See how minds can come alive with insight and creative output. Learn the A.R.I.A. method for having more “ah-ha’s” and the F.F.O.E. model for creative thinking. 1-2 hour workshop.

Coaching with Questions. Develop your leadership skills in asking the right questions the right way. Offers strategies to think with more clarity, avoid employee mental shutdown, enhance the dreaded performance review, and stimulate strategic thinking. 1-2 hour workshop.

MindCAP Pro. Personalized one-on-one coaching for top management to enhance mental dexterity and critical thinking through an Israeli method that teaches 28 cognitive functions.

Call Dr. Jeanne Zehr for quotes on a tailor-made workshop for your company: (260) 704-3336


“This program showed me that it's okay to stop and think before I speak and/or act.”

- Michelle Kuhlhorst, University of St Francis, Fort Wayne, IN

“Basic training is anything but "BASIC." Time to get those dendrites connecting.”

- Krista Nagy-Brain lover, Mother, Learner and Principal, Lutheran South Unity School, Fort Wayne, IN

“I love that this program both raises and heightens awareness of what we do well, but more importantly, what challenges continual growth. I also love its applicability to all life areas-self, health, social relations, occupation, spiritual development-in pursuit of excellence.”

- Don Appiarius, University of St Francis, Fort Wayne, IN