It is Never too Late for Hope

We offer clients of all ages advances in cognitive, emotional, and social skills to improve their quality of outcomes in life.

Build an Amazing Mind

MINDCAP provides tailor-made workshops for the working professional that advances cognitive, emotional, and social skills to improve productivity and quality of outcomes.

Diagnosis Doesn’t Get the Final Word

Neither ADHD nor Brain Injury, neither Autism nor Aging, neither PTSD nor Genetic Conditions

Unleash Limitless Potential

We offer tools and techniques to identify and enhance a person's learning potential.

Overcome the Label

Everyone can improve their cognition, regardless of the cause of a cognitive challenge.

Learn Focus Strategies

Productive leadership through addressing focus, social situations, mindset and creativity.


Executive Edge

​Do you want to improve your mental performance at work? Learn about effective and productive leadership through addressing focus, social situations, mindset and creativity.

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Children & Adults

​Do you or your child have a cognitive challenge caused by ADD, Age Related Cognitive Decline, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Brain Injury, Giftedness, or Spina Bifida?

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​Are you an educator who needs PGPs to relicense or a therapist who would like training in our cognitive development stategies?

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What is the Feuerstein Method?

​The Feuerstein Method teaches the skill of learning how to learn. We offer tools and techniques to identify and enhance a person's learning potential. The MindCap team is trained in the Feuerstein Method and offers services and training locally as well as training internationally. All Feuerstein training offered by MindCAP is certified by the Feuerstein Institute...

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​What do a woman who survived trauma, a gifted boy, a single mother, and a non-verbal boy with Cerebral Palsy have in common? Much, when mediation happens! Learn about some powerful connections happening at MindCAP in the video above.

​Individuals who are released from therapy following a brain injury are often told that where they are at in terms of recovery is as good as it will get. Nick is proof, though, that even 20 years post-injury people have reason to hope that things can improve.


“I enjoyed Jeanne’s F.I.E. training because she shares books and research that expand my knowledge. I enjoyed seeing different points of view by other professionals. ”

- Betty Jo Russell, Educational Therapist

“In December of 2014, Declan was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two. Throughout his treatment, Declan’s development began to fall behind that of his twin brother; a result of something called “chemo brain”.   Over the summer that bridged pre-K and Kindergarten, Declan was given the opportunity to participate in MINDCAP’s Clarity for Kids program through Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana. During the 6-months of the program, we saw improvements in Declan’s fine motor as well as his behavior. At the beginning, he wasn’t able to physically connect dots but improved immensely by focusing, looking ahead to the dots, making a plan, and persevering; all cognitive strategies used in the MINDCAP program. We found that using such strategies led to less frustration from Declan as well as my husband and myself. We have continued to bring Declan to MINDCAP over summer and winter breaks and are happy to report he continues to grow in his academic development. Declan’s favorite subject is math, one that is still difficult for him to grasp as quickly as his peers, but he rarely gets frustrated and is happy taking his time to get to the correct answer. We are extremely grateful to have found the program and hope that other cancer patients and survivors are fortunate enough to benefit from MINDCAP.”

- Amy Dwire, mother

“Thank you once again for your wisdom, kindness, patience and motivation. You are truly one of the most inspiring presenters / facilitators I have ever had the pleasure of being around. ”

- Melissa Albers - Head of Learning, Erasmus School, Australia

“Jeanne’s training was by far the most interactive that I have taken. She did such a fabulous job of supplying us with resources that are valuable to the type of clients that we each work with. Jeanne is such a dynamic instructor. I had a fantastic week.”

- Lily Russell, Psychology student