It is Never too Late for Hope

We offer clients of all ages advances in cognitive, emotional, and social skills to improve their quality of outcomes in life.

Build an Amazing Mind

MINDCAP provides tailor-made workshops for the working professional that advances cognitive, emotional, and social skills to improve productivity and quality of outcomes.

Diagnosis Doesn’t Get the Final Word

Neither ADHD nor Brain Injury, neither Autism nor Aging, neither PTSD nor Genetic Conditions

Unleash Limitless Potential

We offer tools and techniques to identify and enhance a person's learning potential.

Overcome the Label

Everyone can improve their cognition, regardless of the cause of a cognitive challenge.

Learn Focus Strategies

Productive leadership through addressing focus, social situations, mindset and creativity.


Executive Edge

​Do you want to improve your mental performance at work? Learn about effective and productive leadership through addressing focus, social situations, mindset and creativity.

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Children & Adults

​Do you or your child have a cognitive challenge caused by ADD, Age Related Cognitive Decline, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Brain Injury, Giftedness, or Spina Bifida?

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​Are you an educator who needs PGPs to relicense or a therapist who would like training in our cognitive development stategies?

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What is the Feuerstein Method?

​The Feuerstein Method teaches the skill of learning how to learn. We offer tools and techniques to identify and enhance a person's learning potential. The MindCap team is trained in the Feuerstein Method and offers services and training locally as well as training internationally. All Feuerstein training offered by MindCAP is certified by the Feuerstein Institute...

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​What do a woman who survived trauma, a gifted boy, a single mother, and a non-verbal boy with Cerebral Palsy have in common? Much, when mediation happens! Learn about some powerful connections happening at MindCAP in the video above.

​Individuals who are released from therapy following a brain injury are often told that where they are at in terms of recovery is as good as it will get. Nick is proof, though, that even 20 years post-injury people have reason to hope that things can improve.


“The MindCAP training was fantastic! Dr. Zehr's approach was challenging but fun and opened my eyes to methods, instruments and concepts that will affect my teaching--and my mindset! Thank you!”

- Sarah Aubrey, University of St Francis, Fort Wayne, IN

“The training for Basic 2 was just as exciting and enlightening as Basic 1. These go by so quickly and the information gained from Jeanne and the other students is invaluable.”

- Lane Guy, Occupational Therapy Assistant

“My child is someone that has had deficits in areas of learning that although addressed for years, he has never been able to master.  He has struggled with anxiety, frustration and all the behaviors and learning issues that come with that.  Life has been a struggle, something that you survive but you don’t enjoy or thrive.   Since starting MINDCAP, my child has begun to learn the deficit areas that no other therapy has been able to address.  He has more expanded language, better retention and understanding as well as clearer verbal communication.  He still has a long way to go, but we currently are at the beginning of a journey of accomplishment.  Which is very exciting since he is currently 25 years old.    We have experienced positive changes in how he lives his life.  Frustration levels are dropping.  He laughs freely and can enjoy his life.  His personality, which was driven by anxiety and stress is much more relaxed and carefree.   We are very excited to see him come alive and be able to willingly participate in life.  We know that we have a long way to go, but to see that we are on the right path for our child is priceless.  It gives us hope for a brighter future for him. ”

- Jerri Mead, mother

“Dr. Zehr provided the energy of Feuerstein Cognitive Functions in living person during the basic 2 training. ”

- Cindy Barger, Parkview Pediatric Therapy, M.S. CCC-SLP