Ready for Kindergarten?

April 27, 2020


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It's spring and there is a certain group of parents out there wondering or maybe even filled with worry. "Is my child ready for kindergarten next fall?" I have very vivid memories of that first day for our daughter and then 3 years later, our son, as I took them by the hand and led them down the school hallway. Back then they let parents in the building for the first day of kindergarten. They did just fine, but we didn't have the added pressure of standarized tests. Yes, this was back in the 1980's. As a teacher myself, and then a school principal, I had a front row seat to observe the pressure gauge go up over the years, even in kindergarten. Children now learn to read, write, and do math at the sweet age of five. Gone are the days of socialization and learning how to go to school for one year. No, our kiddos must hit the ground running - academically speaking. So at MINDCAP, we believe and we even KNOW that we can help your child get ready for kindergarten. The surprising part of our method is that your child will not be doing worksheets or sight word drills or even memorizing math facts. We do the strangest thing! We teach children how to think! We guide them into learning HOW to learn. We do that by challenging them with strategy games. At the same time, we are showing them what a growth mindset is all about. We introduce them to specific thinking skills through hands on puzzles. They learn how their brain can grow and what symbols are all about. Thinking symbolically is a very efficient way to learn and yet schools do not have time or curriculum to include this. It's assumed that kids will just "pick it up." At MINDCAP, we make no assumptions, except that your child has an amazing brain that can be even better prepared for kindergarten. Small groups (3-4 children) at $25 a session, begin the week of June 22 and will run for 8 sessions. Email meat if you think this could be the icing on the cake for your child to be ready for kindergarten in August!

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