Growth Mindset Zoom Classes

June 10, 2020


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The MINDCAP Center offers live Zoom classes for students ages 8-16 in Growth MINDSET. We launch ongoing classes.

Our curriculum covers: 
Neuroplasticity (how the brain grows)
Brain Boss (how the brain can stay in control and calm under stress)
Growth Mindset vs a Fixed Mindset (how to shift to a growth mindset to maximize learning potential)

The cost will be $160 for the first child and $80 for a sibling ($240 total). Your child will need their own computer in a quiet place for the 45 minute sessions, a  journal, a pocket folder, and pencil.

Handouts, 1-2 for each session, will be emailed to the parent the day before class to be printed out for the student to use and store in a pocket folder.

Please respond with the following info and we will place students into close age groups.
Reason why you would like your child to take this course on growth mindset (challenges & concerns you have)
Mail your check, written to MINDCAP, to:  The MINDCAP Center, 6507 Constitution Dr., FW 46804
Provide your cell phone #, so your coaches can text with you for quick info sharing. Hope to see your child on Zoom!

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